Free e-book: Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open

R Effective graphs cover is a powerful system for creating data visualizations. In fact, R gives you so many options for creating charts that it can be hard to know the best way to communicate effectively. To help you present your data as effectively as possible using R, there’s a new (and free) e-book available to download: Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open. Written by the mother-daughter team of Naomi Robbins (author of Creating More Effective Graphs and Forbes contributor) and Joyce Robbins (sociologist and R programmer specializing in data visualization)

The book gives plenty of examples of common (and some not-so-common) data visualizations, with suggestions on how to customize them for the best effect. All of the R code for the charts in included in the book, and also available on GitHub for easy copy-pasting. The chart types discussed include:

Charts for making comparisons: bar charts and dot charts
Visualizations of distributions: histograms and box plots
Charting trends over time: line charts and month plots
Visualizing relationships: scatterplots, scatterplot matrices, and parallel coordinate plots
Dividing a whole into parts: (multiple) pie charts, bar charts (simple, divided, grouped and faceted)
Specialized charts: stacked bar charts (Likert scales) and linked micromaps (as shown below)

The examples were done using Microsoft R Open, but since it’s 100% compatible with R the code works with any relatively recent R version.
Download Link:effectivegraphsmro1

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